Rebranding Alyssa Christine Photography

Over the past twelve months, my business has grown more than I ever thought it would. Here's a little bit of my story...

My interest in photography started in high school when I took a few classes and shot my first few weddings. As I headed into college, I wanted to keep photography as a hobby and something I loved so I pursued a degree in biology (which I also love!). I pushed my camera to the side as I got nose-deep in organic chemistry and genetics textbooks. After finishing college, I got a job as a microbiologist and currently work as an environmental scientist where I get to fulfill my nerdy passions for taking care of the earth, making blighted land useful again, and thinking of creative ways to remove harmful compounds from soils, groundwater, and air.

However, around this time last year I decided to get my camera back out again. My husband helped me set up a simple website and we used my personal logo that he created for my resume and professional website. I shot a few friends' engagement photos, tried my best to market myself with those photos on social media... and somehow it worked! I personally shot a handful of my own weddings and second shot about ten handfuls of weddings. It was really great to be behind the camera again, invest in high quality gear, and find my creative style. I've found Lancaster to be a really competitive, yet welcoming area for creatives! I am so thankful for the few photographers who took their time to mentor me as I grew these past twelve months. 

Which leads me to where I am today. I am honored to capture so many weddings this coming year! So to celebrate this growth, I got set up with a professional rebrand by GoodThree. They're a humble design firm based in downtown Lancaster with a focus on green design, building relationships, and helping small businesses grow. They set me up with my new brand which is something I hope to use to draw in my ideal clients: adventurous couples and individuals who want their stories captured in an authentic and natural manner. They even took my love for minimalism into account to create a simple, straightforward brand that allows for the creative mind to wander.