Portraits | Jenna Brianne Photography

I had been seeing pictures posted on Instagram by other photographers that I admired in the area featuring this amazing wildflower field... and found out it was ten minutes from my current home. After work I decided to try to find its exact location... and I did! Immediately, I wanted to shoot some portraits there. Luckily, another photographer in the area did too! Jenna, of Jenna Brianne Photography, and I met up one evening and shot some headshots for each other. It was fun to see how she was both behind and in front of the camera. It was also great to catch up with her husband, Matt, with whom I had taken summer college classes with at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies in Mancelona, Michigan. I remember Matt telling me about how his girlfriend (now wife), Jenna was getting into photography. And it's been really neat to follow her grow in photography and see where she is today. She is a fantastic natural-light photographer also based in Lancaster, PA. She has big goals and I'm happy to have been able to snap a few photos of her in this gorgeous roadside wildflower field!