Susannah + Andrew | Nolde Forest Engagment

I met Susannah over four years ago when I was her overnight host when she visited Messiah College. I was amazed by how we had so much in common. I remember talking about running cross country, wanting to go to college close to home because we both had a younger brother who was in elementary school, and our budding curiosity for all things biology. She ended up choosing to go to Messiah College and I am so thankful she did! Over the three years we were in school together, we shared many long runs with good conversation, geeked out over environmental classes, backpacked through a monsoon in the Smokey Mountains, participated in several secret team traditions, and so much more. I am truly thankful for her friendship and support over the years--and I'm super excited to have her as one of my bridesmaids when I get married in September! 

All that being said, I'm so happy her path crossed with Andrew's. I finally met him during their engagement session and we met up with my fiance, Matt, for dinner and drinks downtown afterwards. After spending half a day with him, I can definitely see how they ended up together. Andrew is also a bio-nerd who enjoys plants rather than cell processes (woo!) and seemed very laid back and down to earth. We talked about our experiences in New Zealand and he totally understood what I meant when I asked for them to do a "hongi"--a greeting for the native Maori peoples. I'm very much looking forward to celebrating their marriage this July! Congratulations and best wishes to the future Mr. and Mrs. Harris.