Why You Should Print Your Photos

Living in the digital age - it’s wonderful isn’t it? We can capture images of anything and everything, meaning that those precious memories will be with us forever. But think about it… all those photos on your phone. When was the last time you printed them out? Even as a photographer, I am at fault for not printing out images for years at a time. It’s awful! That realization came to me when I looked around my house and noticed that the photos I have hung up were getting old. Don’t we all have so many beautiful photos that need to be seen?

So what’s the point? Why even bother with printing your photos? Why are printed albums important? They force you to unplug, it changes how you share your photos with friends and family when they visit and it’s your first heirloom as a married couple. Scroll down to read more about why you should print your photos.

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We are very happy to announce that we’ve just started offering heirloom photo albums and archival quality photo books for our couples! We are so excited to allow our couples to have access to the professional printing and binding we’ve curated. If you’re a past couple who’s interested in purchasing an album or photo book from us, please reach out - we’d be happy to help and get that set up for you! For all of our current and prospective couples, you’ll get access to these beautiful books and albums through our online gallery, cloud-based storage system. You’ll get all the details when you receive your gallery!

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REASON #1: It forces you to unplug!

Having a printed album in you hands allows you to get off your phone or computer and experience your images away from screens. Imagine pulling your album out on your anniversary or a special occasion and turning the pages without interruption of notifications or having to sit behind a computer. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Not only is it a different experience because you’re not limited to an LCD screen, but the colors and detail are improved in a professionally printed album. It’s almost like seeing in HD. Also, because of the way they’re laid out, flipping through the pages leads you through the story of your day. Social media is a fun tool for sharing your photos with friends and family, but when it’s time to take a quiet moment and reflect, you’ll want an album!

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REASON #2: It changes how you share your photos with friends and family when they visit.

When you have friends over for cocktails or when family visits for the Holidays, you can pull out your album to gather around and relive the memories of your wedding day. When you have a printed album, there’s no need to find the digital files because you have your wedding album. Flat-lay albums in larger sizes are wonderful because they’re perfect for a group of people to view the pages all at once. Nothing feels better than holding your memories in your hands. There’s something about taking a digital image and making it tangible. Suddenly, it’s a thousand times more special.

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REASON #3: It’s your first heirloom as a married couple.

Back in the days of film, it used to be that every wedding photo was printed and albums were standard. The beauty of this was that couples would have something physical and tangible to hand their future generations when sharing their wedding memories. Digital files are wonderful for backing up and saving your images, but a JPEG shouldn’t be how it ends. On top of that, we all hear about the heartbreak that happens when someone’s computer or hard drive crashes and they realize they’ve lost everything (it’s happened to me a few years ago, and it was so devastating). It’s one of my biggest fears and there is a simple solution - print. Print all of your favorite images, the moments you find most precious, so that if something terrible does happen you’ve got a tangible version of your memory!

By having a wedding album, you can ensure that your wedding photos will live beyond a computer file or a social media update. I think your day deserves that.

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