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Excelsior WEdding

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Lauxmont Farms Wedding

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Drumore estate wedding


Our Approach & Values

Choosing your wedding photographer is one the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding. We’re there with you throughout the planning process, we’re there with you for most of your wedding day, we’re your third wheel on one of the most significant days of your life. Besides the lifelong commitment you’re making to one another, your wedding photos will be one of the few tangible items you can take with you after your wedding. Investing in a photographer you trust, you like as a person, with a style you love, provides you with memories you will cherish forever. In photographing weddings, it is our goal and vision to capture your authentic selves during the fleeting moments of the day. We are authentic storytellers for adventure lovers, and we share those stories through natural imagery.

What actually matters

Meaningful and important photos aren’t always dramatic and beautiful; beautiful and dramatic photos aren’t always important and meaningful. Your wedding photos are way more than what ends up becoming your profile picture or what you end up posting to your social media feed.

Connection is everything

Our photographs create a sense of nostalgia that take you back to special moments for years to come. The more we trust one another, the better our collaboration will be and the better the end result will be.

How our team Operates

We’re there when you need us, but out of the way when you don’t. We know it can be awkward in front of the camera, so we try to make things easy going so that you receive photos that feel authentic and just like you - not something we saw on Instagram or Pinterest. We’re not fly-on-the-wall when it comes to our approach, but we also will not make you put your shoes on three times to get a better angle.

Moments have meaning

The older we get, the more we understand the importance of relationships in our own lives, and the more of an honor it is to document relationships in the lives of the people we serve. We love taking a beautiful image that will look absolutely breathtaking on your wall, but we are more motivated by authentic photographs that will mean even more in ten or twenty years, than what they do today. We approach each wedding as if it’s for a close friend or family member, not just another job.

The best venue is the great outdoors

Our team has been based out of Central Pennsylvania for our entire lives. We love being surrounded by lush forests, cascading rivers, lively lakes and open fields. One of the things that was most difficult for us when we became wedding photographers was to give up our weekends spent camping and hiking with friends and family. We feel at home in nature, and tend to prefer working for couples who have a similar mindset. Our surroundings have had a massive impact on our work, and we work hard to do justice to your venue and the locations where we’re able to photograph.


Next steps

If you think you might be interested in working with us, or even if you have a few questions, we would love to hear from you. Reach out and we can get this conversation rolling!


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